So I Hugged a Tree

  • i hugged a treeToday I am grateful …

    For causing me to realize how you freely convert oxygen for us so freely we could receive,
    For inspiring me to stand on solid ground,
    For teaching me the importance of drinking enough water,
    For letting me see how beautiful it is to stand tall yet spread out your branches,
    For showing me that there is beauty in both being alone and being in a group,
    For letting me know that in order to grow I must stay rooted ,
    For instilling in me the greatness of harnessing nature’s provision for our own good,
    For showing me that we need to be tough on the outside to protect the delicate life processes within ,
    For coaching me that there is no harm in providing shade for others ,
    For educating me that we can live with other species in harmony as we are all part of a bigger community ,
    For edifying me that Everything here follows a cycle, and that we are all interconnected.
    For encouraging me that in order to withstand one must adapt,
    For convincing me that Patience is indeed a virtue – growth and all its fruits takes time,
    For prompting me to note as to how simple beginnings can turn magnificent in the right season,
    For influencing me that we were made for more than just to survive – but to thrive,
    For awakening me that it is ok to just let others stop for a while and admire your beauty… 🙂

    Today I am grateful.

    …So today i hugged a tree 🤗

    and it’s perfectly “pine” to do it i guess👌



    P.S. No tree was harmed on the making of this pic. In fact no living thing as far as I know died of a hug🤗
    *Created on Dec 13 2016, my 32nd birthday in Camp John Hay , Baguio City ,Philippines
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