First let me tell you a trivia about me which  paved the way as to why I created this  site.

My real name is Ana Liza . Ana means “Grace” or “Favor”  and  Liza is from Elizabeth which means “my God is an oath”, “oath of God”, or  “God is satisfaction” . Thus I combined it in “GraceGodHasSworn”  so that I am reminded of the promised grace of God which He  brought on Earth thru Christ Jesus (John 1:17). Some says my name means “Graciously consecrated to God” or “Graced by God’s bounty”.  But whatever is it’s real meaning now I realized this name wasn’t given to me by accident .And I am glad that God has a beautiful way of reminding me that He is a  covenant-keeping God and that I can be assured of His  promises knowing that  at all times “Grace wins” .

My blood type is B+ . Thus   to ” Be Positive”  runs in my blood.

I am continually amazed with life from molecular to spiritual level . To me there’s not just 7 wonders in the world but 7 billion and  counting wonders! I will always be a child in  awe plus I don’t want to miss life’s little miracles  no matter how simple that moment may seem !

Hereby I pledge to enjoy this borrowed life  more abundantly  and  in full colours as I continue to bask in God’s favor so I can be a blessing to others . My story is HIS story . Thus these will be stories of inspirations, aspirations, victories , insights , divine appointments and beautiful life lessons as I sojourn this earth  with fellow  Earthlings and with My Creator. I pray to impart the life  that is in  Yahshua on these stories to show the world that indeed – He is the hope of glory . Let’s sojourn   together 🙂

PS. I shall listen more to my Creator than my critics. Because this life is not about who I am but whose I am. I am a daughter of the King , bought at a high price and the apple of my Daddy God’s eyes  . Best of all, He knows my name and He calls me favored 🙂

Genesis 26:3

“Sojourn in this land and I will be with you and bless you, for to you and to your descendants I will give all these lands, and I will establish the oath which I swore to your father Abraham.”





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